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Facilitating your move

We understand that not everyone has the time or network to carry out their dream project. Whether you are an expat, moving country, or simply don't have the time or knowledge of the local market, nuspace will assign a team from our pool of trusted Designers, Architects, Handy-Men and Builders to carry out your project or simply help with moving in to your new home. 

Our packages


A simple move

The package for those who simply need help arranging the move to their new home. We can take care of deliveries, arranging and building furniture as well as liaising with any logistical companies on your behalf. We can also help with any other requirements you have, whether you are either in the country or not. Call us for a fair estimate.

Design, specification and furnish

Tailored towards those who need assistance with designing and furnishing their new space. We will assign an Interior Designer and Builder based on the scope and size of your project. Our interior designer will provide design and furniture specifications. You can choose to take this and run your own project, or we can help with facilitating the whole process on your behalf, having a member of our team be on site to manage the project. 

Full turnkey project

With our full turnkey service, we will match you with one of our Interior Designers/Architects, based on an understanding of your needs and the scope of your project. We will engage our builders to carry out any necessary renovations and finally furnish the flat according to the initial design. You will be given updates on the progress according to the planned timeline. 

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Ringing Phone

Phase 01

An initial call to understand your project. We will need insight into your requirements to determine the size and scope of your project so that we can begin the process of assembling the right team.

In a Meeting

Phase 02

A consultation with yourself, the assigned Interior Designer/Architect, and the nuspace team over lunch or coffee. This is an exciting phase where we will plan your project.

Image by Milivoj Kuhar

Phase 03

Our builders get to work. For smaller projects, this is where we will implement the designs, take delivery and assemble the furniture. For larger projects, our builders will carry out necessary renovations. 

Image by Jaye Haych

Phase 04

On your completion date, we will meet you to give you the keys to your newly designed home. 

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