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Experts in home renovation project initiation.

We specialize in assembling the full project team from our trusted pool, to get your home renovation project started and underway with precision and efficiency.

Passionate and dedicated to launching transformative home renovation projects.

We specialise in facilitating property related projects. Depending on the scope of your project, we will assemble a tailored team from our trusted pool of high quality Interior Designers, Architects and Builders to carry out your project. Nuspace will be your single point of contact, responsible for facilitating the start of your project, taking the stress away from you and leaving it in our passionate and dedicated hands to manage.

Our trusted

We assign a team from our trusted pool of interior designers, architects, contractors & handy men.

Manage availability 

We have visibility our builders availability, allowing you to mitigate the challenge of finding trusted builder who can carry out your project when you need it.

Avoid unnecessary issues

We help to ensure a seamless renovation journey by proactively eliminating misalignment between parties. Before your project begins, we meticulously ensure that all stakeholders, from designers to builders, are perfectly aligned, preventing potential issues


Clients rely on us for our honest advice, experience, and passion. Our goal is to save you time, unnecessarily high costs, and reduce the stress associated with starting your renovations.

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"A great service for those who don't have the time or contacts to get their renovation underway!"

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