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What we do

Ringing Phone

Phase 01

An initial call to understand your project. We will need insight into your requirements to determine the size and scope of your renovation so that we can begin the process of assembling the right team.

In a Meeting

Phase 02

This phase involves a collaborative site visit with the Interior Designer, Architect and nuspace team. We take measurements, assess the structure, and collect layout information. This step is crucial for understanding your vision and goals, setting the foundation for the subsequent design and planning stages of your project.

Image by Milivoj Kuhar

Phase 03

In the pre-construction phase, builders analyze conceptual drawings, estimate costs, and propose timelines for renovations. This stage involves presenting you with a detailed proposal, addressing labor and schedules. After refining the proposal based on client feedback, the phase concludes with the signing of the proposal/contract, ensuring clarity before the construction phase begins.

Image by Jaye Haych

Phase 04

As Nuspace, the project facilitation company, steps back, the project management team assumes control, marking the shift to the design and construction phases. The designer, architect and project management team now oversees tasks, manages resources, and ensures the seamless progression of the project.

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